You have clearly lost your way online,
but fear not weary traveller,
I’m more than happy to play along
so just keep scrolling down
and we’ll pretend like you meant to visit
the website of the writer
and outsider artist Joey Sellers.


I have always loved numbers, which is why it’s funny that the new website I’m building with the statistical programming language R is currently only working with qualitative data. It’s sort of a long, complicated and ultimately unnecessary story so I’ll spare you the strange process of this new work and simply invite you to visit…

Big As Data


I started Ape Con Myth in November of 2007 for the same reason everyone starts a conceptual art think tank. I couldn’t think of anything better to do.



More work from my archive will eventually make it on here, but for now please enjoy Rooftop…

[gview width=80% id=2 file=”http://www.iwouldprefernotto.com/docs/Rooftop-Online2015.doc”]


It all started with a simple question: How many states could we bowl in over a three-day weekend? The idea came up on a Tuesday and on Thursday we were off. In 76 hours we drove from New York City to my hometown of Memphis, TN and back, bowling in 17 states along the way.



The good thing about following me on social networks is that I rarely use them…


Or were you looking for Bartleby?

[gview width=90% id=2 file=”http://moglen.law.columbia.edu/LCS/bartleby.pdf”]