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Let’s give the cabin a moment to pressurize…

Yes, that’s better.

Thank you for visiting.
My name is Joey and somehow you’ve landed here and are about to see some of my work.

I’ve been a practicing writer and conceptual artist since 1994, but mostly in an outsider capacity.
I’ve diversified so much over the years, I’ve traditionally struggled to explain myself.

I’m looking to change all of that with my new Patreon campaign.
By opening up my process to an audience,
I believe the lines will blur and it won’t be clear
where the process ends and the output begins
as the two become one in the same.

See what you think: Joey Sellers is creating a mess


I started Ape Con Myth for the same reason everyone starts a conceptual art think tank.

I couldn’t think of anything better to do.


I was also looking to create an umbrella concept to cover the increasingly diverse list of formats I was working in.



I have made two short films but, you know, post-production was never my strong suit.
Thankfully my friend, Dylan Sanford, director and cinematographer extraordinaire, is hosting my first one, Somehow I Went Wrong.
I’m lucky to be part of his portfolio.

Meanwhile, here’s a short video work created for the great Lee Walton‘s Making Changes series.
Red Hook, Brooklyn was the perfect neighborhood for the exercise.


I write things. … Many things.

Here’s a favorite from the archive…


Did I mention I’ve bowled in 49 states?


It all started with a simple question: How many states could we bowl in over a three-day weekend?
The idea came up on a Tuesday and on Thursday we were off.
In 76 hours we drove from New York City to my hometown of Memphis, TN and back, bowling in 17 states along the way.

Three more trips took us through all the continental states,
but it’s been every-person-for-themselves with Hawaii and Alaska,
which two of our bowling crew have achieved! (I still need Hawaii.)

These were heavily documented journeys that one day must be shared in full…


The good thing about following me on social networks is that I rarely use them…

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